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The Past, Present, Promise Campaign is the largest Capital Campaign in Notre Dame College Prep's history.

The process began in 2008 when the school enlisted the support of hundreds of Alumni, Parents, Alumni parents, Religious leaders, Educators, and Friends to help share a strategic plan for the future, due to conclude at the end of 2015.

While a significant portion of the Campaign is designated for enhancing the physical campus, the success of the Past, Present, Promise Campaign will also depend in large measure on unrestricted support for the Notre Dame College Prep Annual Fund.


A little more than three years after its public announcement in the Fall of 2008, in the midst of one of the worst economies in the last 708 years, the Past, Present, Promise Campaign has raised in excess of $7 million and with four years remaining in the Campaign's life cycle. This achievement, though a work in progress, has been realized through the generosity of the Notre Dame College Prep Family.

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We are grateful to all those Alumni, Parents, Alumni parents and Friends who have support the Past, Present, Promise Campaign thus far and are counting on your continued support to fulfill our never ending need - fulfilling those Campaign priorities that are yet underfunded.

Financial assistance remains the most pressing of the needs, though the Campaign will also focus its attention over the remaining time of the Campaign including endowed Chairs and support for Academic programs.

Any questions regarding the Past, Present, Promise Campaign or any fundraising initiatives, please contact Shay Boyle, Vice President for Institutional Advancement and Enrollment at 847.779.8616 or sboyle@nddons.org. Click here to access a letter of intent to the Past, Present, Promise Campaign.