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Quest Food Service Information Letter - click here

Notre Dame College Prep has a beautifully renovated cafeteria which made its debut on August 15, 2011 - the first day of the 2011-2012 school year. It was made possible through a generous anonymous donor.

The single-line cafeteria system (with each patron pushing a plastic tray along the steam table line) has been replaced by three free-standing food stations. Students can move freely among the stations to choose from a food court approach to selections. A new, built-in cooler allows for quick access to a large selection of milk, juices, Gatorade, and diet sodas.

Three new drinking fountains with chilled, filtered water also allow for easy filling of cups and water bottles. A large grill was installed on the south wall of the cafeteria so chefs now can prepare burgers, chicken and breakfast offerings "to order."

Quest Foods, the purveyor at Notre Dame, has provided a Salad Station, a Deli Depot and a Grab-and-Go Station for the students. Healthy and vegetarian options are available as well as nutritional information and posted menus. Menu questions can be directed to Donna Klein, Quest Manager at Notre Dame (847.779.8679.)