The Lifetime Learning (LTL) seminar series was designed to share real world information with the Notre Dame College Prep (NDCP) Juniors and Seniors to better prepare them when they leave NDCP. Just as the students are provided with an excellent educational and spiritual experience, LTL seminars provide real life experiences shared by alumni in a way that helps our current Dons prepare for life's decisions after their graduation.

2016-2017 Lifetime Learning Seminars

February 1, 2017
February 15, 2017
February 22, 2017

What Is Covered During the Lifetime Learning Seminars?

The series began in the Spring of 2005 and was ten months in the making. The topics and material have undergone many changes and will continue to be updated as appropriate.

The topics covered for Juniors are:

  • First Impressions – Understanding how the first 30 seconds of a first time interaction are key to a positive impression.
  • Interviewing – Expanding on the first 30 seconds of an interaction to gain a positive response from an interviewer. 

The topics covered for Seniors are:

  • Your Money – Understanding of how money and credit work in your day to day activities. 
  • Your Principles, Your Choices  – Understanding the choices you make will carry with your throughout your life and that those choices should be largely influenced by the principles that you, as a Don, stand for.

While the topics are selected by the participating alumni and faculty, care is taken to insure that the material is relevant to the students. Every student is asked to grade the content, presenters and the usefulness of the content after each session. Over the years their input has been invaluable in upgrading the content and presentations. In the current year, more than twenty alumni participated in these sessions. Lifetime Learning will continue to update its content and refresh its presentations based upon feedback from the Dons and faculty and staff of Notre Dame College Prep. The possibilities are endless and are another differentiator for the Notre Dame Don.

Are you a Notre Dame College Prep alumnus who would like to participate in the Lifetime Learning Seminars? If so, please contact  Andy Pope’77, Director of LTL at or 773-383-2428 or Skip Lawson '71 847-779-8618.