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What's this X2Vol that I'm hearing about?

Yes!  Notre Dame College Prep has purchased software called X2Vol; which will be a tab within your Naviance Family Connection.  You must report all service hours here.  All students will be trained on this software via their religion classes; training will begin the third week of school.



Q. I have service hours from the summer.  What should I do?

A. That's great!  Keep the record in a safe place.  Your religion teacher will tell you when your class is to receive training on X2Vol.  Bring any written records with you, and make sure it has the following information:

  • Name of organization 
  • Your supervisor/contact at that organization
  • Their phone number OR email
  • The date you did the service

If you have a signed form you will have the option of uploading a photo to your individual service records.  There is no need any longer to submit these forms to your teacher, or to Mr. Miller.

Q. Last year, I did one of the 'big' service events at Notre Dame (Open House, Wrestling Tournament, Lumberjack Club, etc.).  Can a teacher report the hours for me?

A. ​No.  ​You​ must report those hours yourself.  Mr. Miller cannot add hours to your records, he can only approve or deny what you have reported there.  The only hours that can be added were hours you completed in previous years at NDCP.

Q. Is the 'reflection' box I see required to be completed?

A. Yes, and there is a prompt for you to follow.  The better you follow that prompt now, the easier your reflection paper will be to write in the Spring.

Q. There are multiple 'goals' that show up on my screen.  Which one am I working towards?

A. The ones that are current - and at the same time.  X2Vol keeps track of how much of your hours you have completed for the current year, and the total needed for graduation.  Hours that you complete are automatically added to both your current year's 25 (or 15 for seniors) hours, and the 90 hours needed for graduation.

If you did not meet the number of hours needed in previous years, you still need to do that.  They can only be added to the hours total for graduation.

​Where can I serve? 

The Christian Service Office exists to hold the formal record of your service hours, and to assist you in finding service opportunities.  We maintain the following resources to help you with that:

Archdiocese of Chicago Mission Office

The Archdiocese of Chicago's Mission Office has compiled a list of service organizations throughout the city.  These, and similar sites would qualify for 'Social Justice' hours.  If you have any questions about an organization not on this list, contact Mr. Miller


NDCP Christian Service Twitter feed:

Follow us on Twitter!!  ​Posts reminders about submitting service hours, monthly service logs, upcoming service opportunities, and all things social justice.


GoogleMap and Database of direct service organizations:

Are you a junior wondering how to go about finding social justice hours?  Look here!  These are sites - local and abroad - where NDCP students have volunteered in the past.  

Each point on the map includes a box with the organization's name, contact information, and service description.  Note: information is still being added & finalized; keep checking back.

Know of a good site for this map?  Let us know!

Catholic Charities Soup Kitchen

Volunteers are needed at Catholic Charities' Northwest Region office for their weekly soup kitchens on Thursday evenings.  Service is from 5-7.  Contact Karen Daniels, North Region Director, at kadaniels@catholiccharities.net.


2016-2017 Program Guidelines


Service Hours due dates:

Senior service hours are due Monday, April 7, 2017 – no exceptions will be made.
Freshmen, sophomore and junior service hours are due Monday, April 24, 2017.


I tell you the truth,whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers of mine, you did for me.  - Matthew 25:40

As Gentlemen of Mary, Notre Dame students are called to be men of Faith, Scholarship, and Service. Each Notre Dame student is required to participate in the Notre Dame Christian Service Program during his time at Notre Dame.


Mr. Joseph Miller

Director of Christian Service