Coach Joe Yonto Scholarship Fund

Coach Joe Yonto Legacy

You shared with us the privilege of being coached by Joe Yonto at Notre Dame High School. This video features players, teams and coaches from 1958-1963 shows the commitment and dedication that Coach Yonto had for the school and for us.

The lessons Coach Yonto taught and modeled for each of us about focus, dedication, discipline and teamwork were keys in shaping the men we have become. These principles were the heart of the Notre Dame experience when we were there. Today they remain the basis of the Notre Dame College Prep experience.

Coach Yonto Scholarship For Today's Dons

We can think of no better way to pay back for our Notre Dame experience and to honor Coach Yonto ’s memory than to help send deserving young men to our school to prepare them for college and beyond. The simplest way to do this is by contributing to the Coach Joe Yonto Scholarship Fund.

Scholarship Goal

Our goal is to provide twenty five scholarships per year. Our initial goal is to raise $250,000. We understand that times are tough and money is tight, however young Dons and the school need our help.

Giving Amounts and Double Your Donation

Now is the best time to contribute because a Letterman Alumnus has agreed to match every contribution made to the Fund before the end of April, 2011 (up to $100,000). Give now and you will double the value of your contribution.

We are asking for gifts in amounts of $2,500, $5,000 and $10,000. However, if that is not what you can do at this moment, we ask that you give what feels most appropriate to you.

Your pledge can be paid over a three-year period if necessary. However, it is important to note that donating online is only for one time gifts. To set up a payment plan, please contact Dick Allegretti '73 at 847-779-8643.

Donate Now

As Coach told us often “talk is cheap.” Click on the DONATE  button below or download the Letter of Intent here and mail it to Notre Dame to make your contribution now.

Thank You From The Coach Yonto Scholarship Committee

Mel Boldt ’60, Ken Rusk ’60, Jim Starshak ‘62, Mike Starshak '59, Tony Zack '59, Robert Starshak '60, Ray Niehengen '62, George Risher '62, Al Loboy '62, Larry Raymond '62, Steve Lochen '62, Denny Bielinski '62, Bob Buonincontro '62, Tom Francisco '63, Phil Basil '63, Greg Shilling '63, Mike Fields '63, Tom Lambert '63

Primary Contact:
Dick Allegretti '73
Director of Major Gifts and Scholarships
7655 W. Dempster
Niles, Illinois 60714
Phone: 847-779-8643