The design and goal of this new club is to give students an opportunity to share their experiences and learn more about cars. If you own or are working on a car, you will be asked to share your knowledge through discussions and presentations. Each meeting will have a topic. Members will help shape the focus topics of discussion and provide text and pictures for the Car Club webpage.

The focus of this club is on the following automobiles:

- Vintage (anything stock with a carburetor)
- Modified (like a tricked-out Honda)
- Hot rods (modern equipment in an vintage body shell).

You do not need to own a car or be able to drive. This club is not designed as a traditional shop class in which the students do hands-on work to cars. Active participation is required.

Focus Areas

- Determine what type of car you would like to own and work on in the future, and then set a restoration schedule complete with cost numbers.
- Powerpoint presentations about your auto skill sets and projects you have worked on.
- De-rusting
- Sandblasting vs. chemical stripping
- Priming and painting
- Metal work, fillers, and welding
- Electronics
- Sources for parts and information
- Modifying cars to increase performance
- Automobile Fundamentals
- Brakes, suspension, engines, basic maintenance

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